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Distinctive Food, Cooked-To-Order!

You’ll taste the difference almost immediately. But why does the Chinese cuisine at Chen’s Chinese Restaurant taste so deliciously different? The answer is simple: Chen’s prepares innovative, distinctive food that’s cooked-to-order!

By blending their diverse backgrounds, owners Michael and Patsy Cheng have developed a distinctive, innovative “signature taste” that diners appreciate.

Every entrée is individually cooked when ordered, which is what makes Chen's Chinese food an unusual specialty. Nothing is pre-cooked. Our food is always fresh, and we prepare it for you after your order. Flavor and freshness are important at Chen's, so come see what makes our food different.

Tastes and flavors from around the world

If you know Michael and Patsy Cheng, you might know that both lived (and grew up in) different countries. They were exposed to many local cultures and tastes. You might also know that they have three generations of restaurant industry experience behind them. Add to this their sincere belief in quality, innovation, and excellent service, and you have a recipe for success.

The ever-evolving Chen’s menu

Inspiration and motivation are the driving forces behind our ever-evolving menu. It clearly distinguishes us from other restaurants. You simply won’t find food with our delicious, unique flavors anywhere else. So, join us for a culinary tour of East Asia and beyond! Sample flavors, explore new tastes, and expand your taste buds. You might begin with the eight great sample menu items below. Or download a full Chen’s Chinese Restaurant menu here.

Lettuce Wraps

A fun, unique alternative to salad! Minced chicken with chopped water chestnuts and chopped scallions, sautéed with our special plum sauce, and served with lettuce on the side as the wrapper.

Honey Sesame Chicken (Best Seller)

Lean chicken chunks lightly coated and served with our special honey garlic sauce and sesame seeds.

Chen’s Chicken

Tender chunks of chicken marinated and grilled to perfection, topped with Ni-Yu Shrimp Sauce.

Hibachi Grill

Your choice of chicken, steak, shrimp, or scallops. Served with fried rice, mix of broccoli, mushrooms, and onions with sweet carrots, and shrimp sauce.

Szechuan Style Shrimp

Our ever-popular garlic sauce - a little sweet, a little sour - infused with the nutty flavor of cumin. Tangy and lightly spiced, the taste is like “a memorable kiss.” Cooked with onions, broccoli, and sweet red peppers.

Mongolian Beef

Sliced beef tenderloin and scallions in a special blend Hai-Shan sauce, served over crispy rice noodles.

NEW Hot Chili Chicken

Moist and tender chicken glazed with our signature hot chili sauce for just the right amount of heat, tossed with red chilies, jalapenos, and onions.


Favorites Among Our Guests!


102. Beef with Broccoli

Tender slices of beef with broccoli crowns in Mandarin brown sauce.

704. House Spicy Triple Flavor

Zesty combination of shrimp, sliced beef and chicken stir-fried with fresh house vegetables in spicy brown sauce.

Honey Sesame Chicken (Best Seller)

Lean chicken chunks lightly coated and served with our special honey garlic sauce and sesame seeds.

Chen's Chinese Restaurant buffet spread from the side
Chen's Chinese Restaurant interior dining area