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Chen’s Chinese Restaurant in Shelby, NC, has been in business since 1983. We continue to work hard to turn everyday customers into lifelong patrons. And it all starts with Michael and Patsy Cheng - whose parents were both of Hakka Chinese origin.

Innovative, Distinctive Chinese Cuisine

Michael and Patsy Cheng both have diverse cultural backgrounds. In fact, they lived and grew up in different countries. They drew from those backgrounds every time they cooked. Eventually, the two developed an innovative and distinctive “signature taste.” Customers loved it, and it just so happened that this “taste” was very different from what you’d find at other Chinese restaurants. Soon, Chen’s Chinese Restaurant was winning over customers and winning awards in and around Cleveland County.

Chen's also has a strong commitment to the community, giving charitable donations Nepal disaster relief, the Salvation Army, and more. 

Chen's Chinese Restaurant sign

Michael Cheng

Michael was born in Darjeeling, India, an area known for its sizable Tibetan and Nepali populations. In Darjeeling, Michael’s father once owned the Orient Restaurant.

Michael eventually moved to Calcutta, and also traveled throughout Europe before making his home in the United States.

Patsy Cheng

Patsy is the third generation of her family to succeed in the competitive restaurant business. Her grandfather owned the Chung-Wah Restaurant in Calcutta just before World War II. Her family eventually moved to Karachi, Pakistan, where Patsy grew up. While there, Patsy’s parents owned Cafe Mary and Wu Ping; specializing in Chinese-Pakistani cuisine. Patsy’s family eventually relocated to Gastonia, NC, where they ran the Hong Kong Lob-Steer Inn until the late 1990s.

A Talented, Authentic Staffs

Many of our employees are from Nepal, a central Himalayan country in South Asia. These staffers are loyal, hard-working, very friendly, and humble. We’re glad to have them.

People enjoying a meal at Chen's Chinese Restaurant
Chen's Chinese Restaurant

Chen's Community News

  • 1983 David Chen and three friends start Chen’s.
  • 1984 Michael and Patsy purchase Chen’s.
  • 1986 Chen’s starts using more fresh vegetables and fewer preserved ones.
  • 1996 Chen’s receives the Human Relation Award from the City of Shelby.
  • 1997 Chen’s starts using solar energy to heat water, save costs, save energy.
  • 1999 Chen’s receives the Entrepreneur of the Year award from the Chamber of Commerce.
  • 2000 Chen’s voluntarily becomes a non-smoking restaurant, the first in the area to do so.
  • 2002 Former lieutenant governor and NC senator Walter Dalton presents the flag flown in the state capitol for Chen’s Restaurant’s contributions to Shelby Middle School.
  • 2002 Former lieutenant governor and NC senator Walter Dalton presents the flag flown in the state capitol for Chen’s Restaurant’s contributions to Shelby Middle School.
  • 2006 MSG is no longer added to food.
  • 2008 Top 100 Chinese Restaurants Signature Dish.
  • 2009 Hibachi is added to the menu.
  • 2013- 2014 Cleveland County Baptist Association.
  • 2015 Chen’s raises money for those impacted by the massive Nepal earthquake. (Members of the wait staff have relatives in that area.)
  • 2016 Chen’s helps fund the local Empty Stocking Fund by donating all lunch proceeds from a December day.
  • A continuous supporter of Shelby Rotary Club.

For more information about us, please call Chen’s Restaurant at 704-484-9669.